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IGMPI is conferred with ASSOCHAM Services Excellence Award 2017: Our Directors Mr Syed S. Abbas & Mrs Rafat Abedi, Chief Advisor Dr Mahesh Gupta, Advisor Mr Amitabh Srivastava are being honoured by the Chief Guest & Honorable Member of Parliament Dr. Udit Raj

(L-R) Seetaraju Gembali, Managing Director, GSR Pharma Research; Vinod Arora, Principal Advisor, IGMPI (Moderator); Dr Girish Jain, President, Research & Development, Alkem Laboratories and Pramod Pimplikar, Managing Director, Shalina Laboratories

Maneuver your growth through adequate food safety knowledge

Maneuver your growth through adequate food safety knowledge

Where food safety is a culture, Maneuver your growth through adequate food safety knowledge

Where food safety is a culture, Maneuver your growth through adequate food safety knowledge


2 Years M. Sc. (Food & Nutrition) / (Dietetics & Applied Nutrition) + PGD in Nutrition & Dietetics

2 Years M. Sc. (Food & Nutrition) / (Dietetics & Applied Nutrition) + PGD in Nutrition & Dietetics

Course Objectives:

This high-level and fully profession-oriented two-year course, providing the degree of master of science in Food and Nutrition/ Dietetics and Applied Nutrition and Post Graduate Diploma in Nutrition and Dietetics, facilitates illustrious scientific and technical careers  in a wide range of industries, including the food industry, educational institutions, government agencies, health care facilities, and hospitality industry.  Besides, after completing master’s degree in this subject/field, our students are fully eligible for finding entry to middle level positions in hospitals and clinics, public health agencies, nursing homes, hotels and restaurants, sports and health clubs, schools and colleges, and in dietetic research institutes. The most common posts the learners of this course will get are Community and Clinical Dietitians, Health Promotion Nutritionists, Food Safety Inspectors, Food Technologists, Health Center Nutritionists, Private Health Consultants, Nutritional Instructors and Educators, Food Scientists, Menu Planners, etc. Its rich curriculum includes areas like Food science; nutritional status assessment; nutrition and biochemistry; human and public health nutrition; nutrition for fitness, performance, and sound health of all; food safety; food product development; food law; devising menu and dieting regimen for different people etc.

Subjects: Food and Nutrition

1st Year:

Sl. No. Sub. Code Subject Name
1 101 Fundamentals of Computers
2 102 Maternal and Child Nutrition
3 103 Advanced Physiology
4 104 Nutritional Biochemistry – I
5 105 Research Methodology – I
6 106 Advanced Human Development
7 107 Advanced Food Science

2nd Year:

Sl. No. Sub. Code Subject Name
1 201 Nutritional Biochemistry – II
2 202 Advanced Nutrition
3 203 Advanced Dietetics
4 204 Food Processing and Preservation
5 205 Research Methodology – II
6 206 Project Work and Viva Voce


Subjects: Dietetics and Applied Nutrition

1st Year

Semester – I

Sl. No. Sub. Code Subject Name
1 101 Human Physiology
2 102 Nutrition Through Life Cycle
3 103 Advanced Food Science
4 104 Macro Nutrients
5 105 Research Methods and Statistics


Semester – II

Sl. No. Sub. Code Subject Name
1 201 Functional Foods and Nutraceuticals
2 202 Food Service Management
3 203 Clinical and Therapeutic Nutrition
4 204 Nutritional Management in Life Style Diseases
5 205 Practical


2nd Year

Semester – III

Sl. No. Sub. Code Subject Name
1 301 Vitamins and Minerals
2 302 Community Nutrition
3 303 Paediatric Nutrition
4 304 Elective – I

1.       Nutritional Counseling and Education

2.       Entrepreneurial Development

3.       Food Preservation

5 305 Hospital Training


Semester – IV

Sl. No. Sub. Code Subject Name
1 401 Biochemical Changes in Diseases
2 402 Elective – II

1.       Diabetic Care and Management

2.       Food Microbiology and Sanitation

3.       Public Nutrition and Health

3 403 Project Work


Subjects: PG Diploma in Nutrition and Dietetics

Sl. No. Sub. Code Subject Name
1 101 Introduction to Human Biology and Body Functions
2 102 Nutrients (Role and Significance)
3 103 Understanding Nutrition I (Basic diets for normal condions/RDA)
4 104 Understanding Nutrition II
5 105 Introduction to Nutraceuticals
6 106 Introduction to Special Conditions and Diet Therapy
7 107 Food Microbiology
8 108 Recommend Approaches to Disease and Nutrition
9 109 Food Allergies and Diet Management
10 110 Case Studies



All those who have completed their Graduation in life science are eligible to enroll for the course. However, this stands as the minimum stated criteria. Any candidate with a higher education in the field or in another field bearing similarities to this one can apply for the program just as easily.

Programme Duration:

The course is scheduled to take up a time of two years. The subjects and sessions have been designed as per the two year deadline and hence, carry a distributed sense among themselves.

Programme Fee

The mandatory course fee for whole programme will be Rs 1,10,000/- (2800 USD/year). This covers for the course registration fees, tuition fees, practical lab work etc. Apart from this, an examination fee of Rs 4000/- needs to be paid later as per the examination notification of the Institute/University.

Examination and Certification:

An evaluation is scheduled at the end of each year after the completion of the yearly course. The candidates who qualify this examination will be awarded with PG Diploma in Nutrition & Dietetics from IGMPI and M. Sc. in Food & Nutrition/ Dietetics & Applied Nutrition by a UGC approved University.

Placement Assistance & Corporate Relations:

The Institute has partnered with many organizations for providing with placement assistance to in its participants. The robust placement cell comprises of senior level Human Resources professionals and Talent Acquisition experts which maintains close links with business and industry. We are engaged in promoting the employability of our participants by maintaining good rapport and relation with HR cell and recruiting managers of leading food and agriculture companies across the globe. The efforts of our placement cell also include helping with professional resume writing, interview skills & conducting mock interviews etc.

How to apply

For further enquiries or Prospectus, write to or call us on:

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