Certified FSMS Internal Auditor

Internal audits create opportunity for food organisations to improve systems, processes, and services.While all audits help a facility to find and correct issues within their Quality Management System, internal auditing has two extra benefits. First, a good internal audit program allows you to find and correct the issue before the external audit and demonstrates the facilitys dedication to customer safety. Second, the internal audit verifies continuous improvement and management commitment. When/If non-conformances are discovered during an internal audit, it gives the facility an opportunity to demonstrate continuous improvement of their system by implementing corrective actions. However, it is difficult to perform an exceptional internal audit. An appreciated internal audit requires that the facility be committed to performing the audit well and using the audit findings in a way that improves the production floor and programs.

This Certification will assessthe participants for the knowledge and skills needed to perform internal audits on food safety management systems (FSMS) and to contribute to their continual improvement.Participants with prior knowledge of food safety management systems will be given preference.The certification is apt for any experienced working professional in the food and healthcare industry looking to audit against food safety management system (FSMS) standards. Food business operators who are looking to implement a food safety management system in their organization, Management representatives, Consultants, Quality directors, or those looking to improve their skill levels and core understanding of Food Safety can also take part and get certified.

The case study based approach in certification programme is designed for working professionals in full time employment who want to update their knowledge and gain required skillsand attitude in the areain order to become a Certified FSMS Internal Auditor in the domain.

Certified Study Resources

  • Conducting and facing first, second & third party audits
  • Food Safety Management Systems
  • Guidance for Auditing “ ISO 19011
  • Audit Report Writing


Any graduate/ M. Sc./ PhD in Science disciplines/ Any diploma/ Degree holders or working professional from any of the following industry types, Food Processing industry, Food products manufacturing, Ayurvedic food products, Retail, and Food Service establishments, Food Packaging, Food/Food-ingredient based research, Biotechnology or any related industry are highly encouraged to apply for the programme. Selection will be based on the participant’s profile. IGMPI reserves the right to reject any application.


The registration dates for this certification run by the institute are updated timely on the website. Effective E-learning tools incorporated into the curriculum make the certification lectures, videos and study material easily accessible. This gives huge window of self-regulated and self-paced performance to the participants. After registration is confirmed by the institute, the requisite study resources, assessment test papers will be dispatched to the participants. The study resources are considered sufficient for the preparation of the certification exam. However, the participants should feel free to go through other study resources as well. The certification examination will be notified after 2 months of the registration.

Certification and Membership Fees

Rs. 14500/- for Indian nationals and 500 USD for overseas students. This covers the certification registration fee and examination fee. An additional membership fee of Rs 4500/-(USD 125 for overseas) is optional to pay in order to avail the services of Certified Study Resources and training for the preparation of the certification exam.

Assessment & Certification

All the participants are expected to appear for online assessment. After successful completion the participants will be certified as FSMS Internal Auditor by IGMPI. For all the above mentioned elaborate study resources, Assessment test papers and case studies would be provided by the Institute from time to time. Details get updated on the website as well. The certification will be awarded after the required levels of knowledge, skills, professionalism and attitude are assessed through the IGMPI assessment process.

Re- Examination

In case the participant is not able to pass the certification exam in first attempt/exam notification, he/she will have to re- register for the next scheduled examination by submitting re- registration form along with the re- registration fee of Rs. 1500/-(50 USD). However, the participants will be given sufficient flexibility in scheduling their First certification exam.