Clinical Nutrition Certification

A good diet is the most powerful asset we have against disease and sickness. An understanding of this scientific evidence is not only important for improving health; it also has profound implications for our entire society. We must know why misinformation dominates our society and that is why we are constantly mistaken in how we investigate diet and disease, how we promote health and how we treat illness.

Keeping all these factors in our mind, FFSQ has designed a certificate course in Clinical Nutrition equipped with the skills and knowledge to provide quality professional services in integrated nutrition and health science. In this programme we offer you complete industry oriented awareness. This programme is designed especially for those who would like to understand the relevance of alternative and complementary views of nutrition, including the value of dietary supplements. The recipient clientele would be patients, and consumers willing to adopt better nutrition practices for a healthier lifestyle.

This given clinical nutrition certificate helps students find careers in organizations in need of dietitians or nutritionists. The recent growing demand for professional clinical nutritionists in facilities such as nutritional clinics, hospitals, extended care facilities, prisons and nursing homes, which is absolutely a pro for students pursuing this course.

Clinical Nutritionists often work in collaboration with health care providers create dietary menus that work with overall diet care plan of the recipient. Through proper nutrition, they can aid patients who are overweight or suffer from one or more diseases, such as hypertension, diabetes or kidney failure.

Besides working in an institutional setting, those with a degree in clinical nutrition or dietetics can work as researchers or pharmaceutical sales representatives. With an advanced degree, dietitians may be qualified for administrative positions, such as an assistant director or manager within a nutrition based organization.

Industry Certificate in Clinical Nutrition