Food Processing and Preservation Programmes

There has been a rapid growth in our agricultural produce in the past three decades. India is a major producer for various foods in the world like cereals, fruits, vegetables, spices and meat products. The processing of the food is though a serious challenge for our country. This is due to lack of infrastructure in terms of cold storage, highways and roads and also the lack of awareness about various modes of food processing and preservation. India’s agricultural produce suffers a 10% loss in durable items and about 40% loss in the perishable foods. This amounts to a huge loss of about Rs.50,000 crore per year.

Food processing is done by the application of techniques and methods to transform the raw ingredients into food that is fit for consumption. There is a great scope of the processing of fruits and vegetables. The lack of knowledge and understanding of food processing and preservation is a major challenge faced by our economy. The chief reason to apply preservation techniques to food is to increase its shelf life, reduce wastage and enhance the rate of production that quality food be available for all. The food processing and preservation is required to be taken seriously to maintain the marketing quality of the Indian food products.

Thus realizing the need for trained and skilled individuals and application of latest techniques for food processing, we at Faculty of Food Safety and Quality, IGMPI have brought this course to develop individuals to meet the challenges of the present and future.

Post Graduate Diploma in Food Processing and Preservation

Executive Diploma in Food Processing and Preservation