Food Safety Programmes

Food safety is an important component of public health. With continuous advancements in technology and variety of industry specific food processing techniques it is important that there should safe food available for all. In this competitive world, food industries strive to gain a competitive edge by development of a robust and a dynamic food safety management system. In the pursuit of excellence and to bridge the disequilibrium in the various economies of the world, there should be a focus to enhance and to develop food safety to promote safe food for all around the globe.

The Faculty of Food Safety and Quality, IGMPI has brought this course to focus on food safety with a pragmatic approach and to provide latest knowledge and tools for the maintenance of a food safety management system. This develops individuals to apply the regulatory and scientific knowledge to all food safety concerns within a food chain. Maintaining food safety is a legal requirement, and is an important part of providing safe, quality food to the customers. It is a fundamental public health concern. The Food Safety and Quality has become a sector of priority and necessity for all consumers, retailers, manufacturers and also the regulators. The food safety knowledge and management of the developing has to be given priority to bring them at par with their peers in the developed countries. Changing global patterns of food production, increased international trade, technology, public expectations for health protection and many other factors have created a huge demand for food safety and quality auditing professionals. Any organization in non compliance with food safety standards and regulations can be in the danger of a tarnished brand image and prosecution under law.

The major components of these courses will be:

  • Overview of food industry and its various aspects,
  • National and international regulatory authorities;
  • Quality management system of food industry
  • Foodborne biological, chemical and physical hazards and
  • Emerging trends in ensuring food safety and public health.

This will include food safety management practices such as Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP), public health policies and allergen controls in foods. The courses we offer are:

Post Graduate Diploma in Food Safety

Executive Diploma Food Safety