Founders of FFSQ, IGMPI have wisely tapped the need for a pool of food marketing professionals in the food, nutrition and agricultue industry. More than half of the revenue generated by the food industry is because of the dedicated efforts of the varied food marketing teams behind promoting their products and services and reaching out to the customer in most productive and positive manner. Professionals need to be trained to be professionals. Only learning the textbooks does not suffice especially for a field as dynamic as food marketing and thus FFSQ, IGMPI has developed the distance cum e-learning course for Post Graduate Diploma in Food Sales & Marketing Management. There is also an Executive course with similar curriculum proposed for working professionals. Both the courses would make the attendees have a better place and grip once in the industry as they would have been appropriately trained for facing challenges of this job type. The courses offer reliable and up-to-date information about the food industry, marketing trends and tricks and all other aspects related to this industry type. Programmes offered:

Post Graduate Diploma in Food Sales & Marketing Management

Executive Diploma in Food Sales & Marketing Management