Good Manufacturing Practices Programmes

Good Manufacturing Practices as the name suggests are intended for the production of safe food. The Food and Drug Administration, USA has laid the Guidelines for the cGMP in food in 21 CFR part 110. These are the minimum requirements that are required to be implemented in a food process chain. It is a tedious task to implement and achieve an excellent food safety system in an already established factory of production.

The sudden changes in the food laws and strict guidelines by the FDA have made it really elusive for the Food business operators to implement better food safety systems in already established food processes.

This problem occurs due to lack of awareness and from where to start. FFSQ has endeavored to bring to you the right combination to start with and through this programme we can assure you that implementing food safety would be much easier.

Thus easy to understand, comprehensive and dynamic material with pre recorded lectures and latest developments in the food industry all are provided on the same platform.

The Industry based case studies provide the training participants a complete on site overview of how to handle the food safety related problems and challenges.

Post Graduate Diploma in Good Manufacturing Practices.

Executive Diploma in Good Manufacturing Practices.