Food Regulatory Affairs Programmes

Food is the indispensable part of our human lives. The sustenance to our global village is the food we eat. The increase in the population has surged the demand for processed foods, the introduction of genetically modified organisms, Irradiated foods, Nutrional foods, functional foods, organic foods. Thus more the types of foods and variations the more increased applicability of the food regulations.

The regulations serve as a scaffold for any successful manufacturing a food product and then introducing it in the market as they are the minimum requirements for the production of a quality food product. The intensiveness of food regulation may vary from place to place. The interpretation and its applicability with a regulation is also a challenge.

Thus we at Faculty of Food Safety and Quality have taken this initiative to bring this course which describes the current regulatory requirements that a student, food professionals, management professionals should know in order to give them a greater advantage to build a career in this field.

The latest updates in the regulations and relevant laws seek to develop an individual to easily align food products regulatory requirements with them.

Post Graduate Diploma in Food Regulatory Affairs

Executive Diploma in Food Regulatory Affairs