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Maneuver your growth through adequate food safety knowledge

Maneuver your growth through adequate food safety knowledge

Where food safety is a culture, Maneuver your growth through adequate food safety knowledge

Where food safety is a culture, Maneuver your growth through adequate food safety knowledge


New Product Launch News

New Product Launches

New LuvIt Chocolate brand launched

Global CP consumer goods company, Bangalore recently launched its new LuvIt brand and its chocolate range. LuvIt is available in the form of Moulded chocolates, enrobed wafers, panned chocolates and caramel-nougat bars. These chocolates are available as variable prices at Rs. 5, Rs. 10, Rs. 25, Rs. 40 and Rs. 45. The chocolate products have been launched in the Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Kerela, Tamil Nadu and Puduchery.

Mad Over Donuts Introduces its New Mango donuts & Smoothie

Keeping in mind the Nations’ favorite fruit Mango, Mad Over Donuts has introduced three Mango Flavor donuts with an addition of mango smoothie. The three mango flavors are named ‘Mango Twist’, ‘Mango Pulp Fiction’ & ‘Mango Impossible’. The Mango Twist flavor is dipped in Mango chocolate and topped off with Mango Chocolate shavings while the Mango Pulp Fiction flavor is filled with tangy Mango Pulp and covered all over with rich white chocolate and finally topped with Dark Chocolate drizzle. The third flavor Mango Impossible is dunked in delicious Milk Chocolate and topped with a smooth swirl of Mango Butter Cream. A single Mango flavor donut is priced at Rs. 59 while a box of six donut is available at Rs. 295 and for twelve donuts costs Rs. 530.

Strawberry-flavored Candyman Jellicious launched by ITC

ITC recently launched a new strawberry-flavoured jelly named as ‘Candyman Jellicious’, made with real strawberry pulp with the texture of actual seeds inside. The jelly is shaped like a delicious slice of an actual strawberry and is available at Rs. 1.

Cream bell unveiled its Sweet sixteen ice cream flavors

Cream bell has launched Sweet Sixteen ice cream flavours and combinations into the Indian market. These flavors includeFun Spin Crème, which is an innovative twister candy that is a combination of orange, lemon and pineapple wrapped around a creamy, milky core; Berry Bonanza, which is a fusion of imported cranberries and strawberries with rich incursions of the two berries in ice cream; Double Crush, a heart-shaped ice cream candy with creamy vanilla and strawberry flavors coated with smooth white chocolate; MatkaKulfi, with incursions of almonds, cashew, saffron and cardamom; Hawaiian Chill, a combination of green pineapple and lemon candy and Saffron Cream Balls, a combination of Bengali chhana, nuts, cardamom and saffron. Other flavors from the ice cream range include Irish Cream, Jamaican Ginger, Arabian Delight, Manhattan Cookies, Kaju Kismish, Pista, Zero Sugar in Vanilla and Strawberry and ice cream smoothies.

Amul Launched its creamiest ice cream, Amul Crème Rich

Amul has launched a new premium range of ice cream “Amul Crème Rich”, for those who love to indulge in rich ingredients and taste. The new ice cream is available in attractive packing cups of 125ml and 500ml and is priced between Rs. 30 and Rs. 100. With 16% milk fat, it is the creamiest ice cream with richness and taste never experienced before.

Medjoul dates introduced into Indian market

Medjoul, the premium variety of dates previously reserved only for royalty, were recently launched in Indian market. There has been a steady increase in the demand and consumption for Medjouls in India over the last few years. The product will be marketed across Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore. Later, the product will be expanded to other key cities like Chennai, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Kolkata and Jaipur.The dates are known to be excellent sources of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that help develop healthier bones and reduce the risk of heart-related illnesses and high blood pressure. They are also used as ingredient in salads, juices, shakes, cookies, and muffins. The dates are priced at Rs 1,500 – 2,000.

Taylors of Harrogate launched its highest caffeine coffee

Yorkshire-based company, Taylors of Harrogate, recently launched its limited edition highest caffeine coffeethe ‘High Voltage’, which contains 25% more caffeine than its previous strongest, ‘Hot Lava Java’. The high caffeine content (75%) of the coffee is extracted from Indonesian Robusta coffee beans, which being renowned for their high quality, deliver twice the amount of caffeine on average compared to Arabica coffee beans, which also comprises (25%) in this blend.

Limited Edition packs to be unveiled by Kit Kat

Nestle’s KitKat is to launch about 400 limited edition packs replacing the KitKat name with one of 72 different types of break, including Sporty Break, Lunch Break, Office Break or Me Time Break. The packs are to be marketed under the brands’ new ‘Celebrate the Breaks’ campaign.

Nestle launches Aero Mousse chocolate bar

A brand new Aero Mousse chocolate bar has been introduced by Nestle Confectionery’s chocolate brand Aero. The product will be available in both a single impulse bar as well as a 150g sharing block. Each bar contains a bubbly Aero chocolate, topped with a layer of chocolate mousse, wrapped in a smooth milk chocolate shell. The chocolate bar especially targets women; to value small moments.

Cadbury Roses launched new flavors and packaging

Cadbury Roses has recently launched a new packaging and new flavors to its chocolate range. The new carton comprises a new lid for easier sharing. The chocolate wrapping itself has also been refreshed as per consumer complaints. A new ‘flow-wrap’ around each chocolate has been added to prevent the chocolates affecting the other chocolate flavors. It keeps the chocolates fresher for longer and ensures none accidentally unwrap in the box.

The brand has also added a new chocolate, the new Almond Caramel Bite, the flavor of chewy caramel with a taste of almond.

Mars (UK) introduces new Snickers and Hazelnut bar

Mars Chocolate UK has made two new additions to its Snickers brand, a new snickers and a hazelnut bar. The combination of nougat has a new twist with the addition of hazelnuts bringing a whole new taste experience to consumers. The product has been designed with a green packaging to increase standout on shelf and differentiate from the standard bar.

Boost launched new Cherry Burst Energy Drink

Cherry Burst is the latest addition to the Boost range of energy drinks. The new variant is available in a 250ml can format in cases of 24 and is priced at 49p. Cherry Burst’s flavor comprises original, sugar-free, Citrus Zing, Exotic Fruits and Sugar free Pink Lemonade. Like the entire Boost range, Cherry Burst will not be sold in supermarkets.

Heinz adds six new drinks to its Infant range

Heinz is set to expand its current infant feeding offering; launching six new additions to its Infant Drinks range along with new improved Baby Breakfast Cereal range.The brand is introducing the new Fruit and Veg Spring Water range, which is a blend of spring water with fruit and vegetable juices. These new flavors include Orange, Mango & Carrot and Apple & Carrot varieties.

The brand is also introducing a new Splash! Spring Water range is a naturally flavoured Spring Water with a splash of fruit juice. This new range will be available in Peach & Apple and Red Berries & Apple flavours.

New Candy Bear’s range to be introduced by Fox’s brand

Big Bear confectionery has unveiled a new range to its Fox’s brand with the launch of Fox’s Candy Bear. The new flavors have been prepared with real fruit juice, no artificial colours, no artificial flavours, gluten free and nut free. Fox’s Candy Bear will be launched in 200g sharing bags, with a recommended £1 retail price and the products follow the parent brand’s Polar Bear roots with an artic theme running throughout.

The new pack design uses a modern, cartoon-character style take on the much-loved bear remembered in TV advertising for Fox’s Glacier Mints and the Candy Bear paw-print stamp on every pack tick-boxes the five key guarantees.

Quaker Oats set to launch three new range

Quaker Oats is to introduce three new ranges with granola formats- Oat Granola, Warm & Crunchy Oat Clusters, and Wholesome Crunch Granola. The new formats have been designed to create excitement around the granola category and are available in a variety of flavours; Quaker Oats Oat Granola (RRP: £2.69) consists of crunchy oat clusters and will be available in: Raisin, Apples & Cinnamon, and Honey & Almond flavours. Quaker Oats Warm & Crunchy Oat Clusters (RRP: £2.69) contains a blend of crunchy and creamy oat clusters, and warms in just 30 seconds.

The product will be available in three flavour options: Apples & Cinnamon, Golden Crunch, and Cranberry & Apple.Quaker Oats Wholesome Crunch (RRP: £3.89) delivers grain mix and big chunks of real fruits and nuts, available in two flavours: Pecan & Brazil Nuts, and Goji & Blueberry flavours.

Cornitos launched its latest “Pop N Crunch” range without MSG & tansfat

With its new range of “Pop N Crunch” with coated green peas, Cornitos is targeting health-conscious consumers with its two scrumptious flavors Wasabi and Hot & Spicy. The products have no MSG and transfat while providing high fibre and protein content. The roasted “Coated Green Peas” are the perfect winter snack with an exotic taste. Peas used in coated green peas are imported & have   nutritional value. Wasabi Green Peas have a fiery hot Japanese Flavor famous for its intense and extremely different experience. Wasabi is derived from the Japanese plant which tastes like strong horseradish. The products are available at all leading retail outlets in Delhi NCR.

Yogurtbay introducing Wafflebay to Indian market

The frozen yogurt brand, Yogurtbay has recently launched its Wafflebay waffles sticks in India. The product is offered with a range of choices in flavors and toppings and it can be customized to the customers taste and preferences. Yogurtbay’s Waffle sticks are available in pairs at a price of Rs. 150. The company has recently extended its operations in Pune and hjas plans to open 15 new outlets in the coming year.

Global Consumer Products set to roll out its confectionery range in South India

Global Consumer Products Pvt. Ltd, the packaged foods start-up is ready to launching branded chocolates, candies and fruit-based beverages, starting in South India. The company is already expecting to compete with the food giants such as Mars Inc., Nestle India Ltd, Mondelez International Inc., ITC Ltd and Dabur India Ltd. The company is planning to launch the product in proven markets like Bengaluru, Karnataka before moving to other southern states.

AllThat’sGood Tex-Mex flavoured nacho chips launched by Pelican in seven flavours

Pelican Farm & Dairy LLP recently brought into market its AllThat’sGood Tex-Mex flavoured nacho chips in seven flavours across major cities in India. The company says the chips are based on the original recipe that dates back to 1943, the product is made of 100% farm-fresh imported yellow corn and a recipe from Mexico. The flavours include: NY Deli Cheeze; Texas Smoky BBQ; Sweet Jalapeno; Salsa Picante; Delhi Papdi Chat, Paneer BBQ Masala; and Sea Salt & Black Pepper. They will be priced at Rs 60 for 75 gm and Rs 95 for 125 gm.

Cadbury launches New Dairy Milk Puddles

Cadbury Dairy Milk Puddles, the first ever tablet containing a soft centered flavored filling, has recently been launched by Cadbury. The product will be available as 90g tablet priced at RRP £1.49. Cadbury Dairy Milk Puddles features a fun mould made up of rippled puddle shapes filled with a flowing hazelnut or mint flavoured filling. The new product is designed for “sharing an indulgent moment away from the worries and pressures of everyday life” and targets younger female consumers with its unique shape and filling.

World’s first frozen cider launched by Kopparberg

Kopparberg has succumbed to the rising trend of frozen beverages, launching its latest product- Kopparberg Frozen Fruit Cider. The product is available in the all time favorite flavors of Strawberry & Lime and Elderflower & Lime giving a mix of fruity flavours and refreshment. Available from May, the product will be required to stay frozen for eight hours, then simply squeezed into a glass and garnished with either a tangy wedge of lime for the classic favourite, Strawberry & Lime, or a cooling slice of cucumber to compliment the fresh and floral Elderflower & Lime.

Microwaveable Breakfast Range by Ginsters

In an endeavor of expanding its range, UK’s piquant pastry brand, Ginsters has launched its first ever microwaveable breakfast range. The new breakfast range is designed for shoppers looking for a quality, quick and tasty hot food solution in the morning. The initial two SKUs – Bacon Roll and Breakfast Wrap – will launch into convenience, impulse and forecourt channels on April 22nd 2015. The Breakfast Wrap is available in cases of 12 with an RRP of £2.99, and the Bacon Roll in cases of 6 with an RRP of £2.49.

New range of Flavoured Nuts Unveiled by Tropical Sun Foods

Tropical Sun Foods has launched three new products inspired by the increasing popularity of high quality bagged snacks and the demand for international flavours. The brand has unveiled Roasted Barbeque Peanuts and Roasted Peri Peri Peanuts in 160g, and Chilli & Lime Green Peas in 120g re-sealable packets. The Barbeque and Peri Peri packs deliver a savoury taste, coated around crunchy peanuts, and the Chilli & Lime variant delivers a combination of zest and heat over crispy green peas. This new range is free from artificial colours, flavours and preservatives

Mrs Crimble’s launched New Hot Chilli Cheese Crackers

Recently, the bakery brand Mrs. Crimble’s added a new product to its existing range of gluten free Cheese Crackers- Hot Chilli Cheese Crackers. Made with 27% cheese, these crackers can be enjoyed on their own as a snack or with toppings – like pâté, spreads, dips or cheese. The Hot Chilli Cheese flavour crackers will be available in Sainsbury’s from Monday 13th April, 2015. Already available at leading good food retailers and independent retail stores nationwide are their existing gluten free cheese cracker which includes Rosemary and Onion, Tomato and Pesto and Original Cheese varieties.

New Tortilla Range by Pringles

Pringles hopes to revolutionise the innovative snacks category with its latest corn chips snack- Pringles Tortilla. Launching mid-April, Pringles Tortilla come in Pringles’ ‘hyperbolic parabaloid’ shape, and stack up neatly in a re-sealable can. The four flavours at launch are: Nacho Cheese, Sour Cream, Spicy Chilli and Original. The product will be available at a price of £2.48.

Pidy Unveils New Pastry Retail Packs

With the demand and interest for bakery products continuing to grow, Pidy, a family owned pastry brand for over sixty years, has redesigned its six most popular products specifically for the UK consumers providing easy to use recipe ideas and tips for delivering the ideal finished creation. The new retail packs consist of six pastry products which include profiteroles, a 22cm ready to fill sweet pastry case, 12 mini cocktail shells, 12 mini vol au vents, nine neutral pastry cases and nine sweet pastry cases. Pidy’s ready to fill patisserie products incorporate a variety of flavours, taste, textures and styles allowing consumers to cater from small parties to banquets with the reassurance of consistency in every aspect.

Unilever to launch new blench of Stork with butter

Unilever has recently announced the launch of a new blend of Stork with butter, which as claimed by the company “can be used straight from the fridge and for “all in one” baking method. The product is targeted for professional as well as domestic bakers and shoppers in order to save their time and effort. The product will be marketed in the form of 400g tubs and each tub has a recommended retail price of £1.99.

Nestle inaugurated its first manufacturing unit for decaffeinated coffee

Nestle is all set with the inauguration of its first decaffeinated coffee manufacturing plant in Asia, established in southeastern Vietnam. More than €76.5m have been spent for the establishment where decaffeination of green coffee beans will be carried out which, later, will be used as raw materials in Nestlé’s coffee factories around the world. The factory will receive Robusta green coffee beans exclusively from Vietnam, and will make use of a natural, water-based process to extract caffeine from the beans. The process is so designed that the decaffeinated coffee beans will retain the same taste and aroma as caffeinated beans, and could allow the facility to restrict its environmental impact.

PepsiCo’s 7Up Revive soon to be launched in India

After Vietnam and Malaysia, PepsiCo has announced the launch of its new product 7Up Revive in India. It is an isotonic beverage featuring a combination of electrolytes and vitamins B3, B6, and B12. The drink will be launched initially in the southern regions of Tamil Nadu and Kerala packaged in 500ml polyethylene terephthalate bottles and will retail for between INR 33 ad 35 ($0.52–$0.56). Revive is being marketed as “one of the most popular drinks for young people” since it “quenches your thirst fast and rehydrates your body”.

Astaxanthin-rich powder launched by Fenchem

Frenchem has launched a new powder rich in the carotenoid nutrient astaxanthin, which as the company states is the “strongest antioxidant in the natural world”. It has been prepared using the green algae species haematococcus pluvialis to create AstaSuper oleoresin, which, according to the China-based company, is “extracted from the dried algal biomass with supercritical carbon dioxide”.

Antioxidant-rich green tea powder created by Bloom using Superfoods

Eight antioxidant-rich matcha tea powders have been created by tea producer Bloom, using some of the world’s most potent superfoods. As per the company’s claims, the matcha powder contains more than five times the antioxidant levels of goji berries and 13 times as much as pomegranate per gram. This new range of tea powder can help to reduce stress and anxiety, strengthen the immune system and improve cholesterol balance. Also, it promotes more youthful-looking skin, as the high antioxidant levels “help reduce tissue damage caused by UV radiation and pollution”.

Amul’s camel-milk expected to be launched by year end

Amul, the Gujrat based dairy cooperative is planning to launch its latest product, camel-milk by this year end. With its distinctive taste and much favored health benefits, Amul is expecting the camel milk to enter the market and gain mass appeal. The product will be launched in small plastic bottles in Ahmedabad due to its low shelf life and marketed under the brand GCMMF (Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation Ltd).

Acti-green tea launched for wellness conscious consumers by TATA Tea

Tata Tea is one of the biggest brands in Tata Global Beverages sector, launched Acti Green tea. It’s a new variant in the green tea category for health- and wellness-conscious consumers. The antioxidant-rich tea product is available in Indian flavours, such as Elaichi, Tulsi-Nimbu and all are 100 % Natural. It is available at leading retail outlets and supermarkets in compact packs of five (priced at Rs 20) and 50g (priced at Rs 40).

LaPlant launches Himalayan herbal infusion green tea product

India’s one the largest-selling tea-brand in e-commerce market LaPlant Beverages, launched a new product range, comprising of rare Himalayan herbal infusions. LaPlant is dedicated to production of green tea and herbal infusions in India. The herbs grown in the Himalayas tend to retain more nutrition in their stems than those grown in the plains, imparting health benefits for the consumers in the new green tea product.

McCormick & Co launches Flavour Forecast 2015

McCormick and Company, one of the global leaders in flavours from United States, released its McCormick Flavour Forecast for the year 2015.  The company started flavour innovations and exploration throughout the food industry and in kitchens everywhere. The flavour trend comprises of 8 different kinds of flavours: Global blends on the move, Middle Eastern Mezze, Sour + Salt, Smoked Spices, Umami Veggie, Liquid Revolution, Flavour worth the wait and Cookies. In companies past reports, many such trends have become consumer favorites.

Quest Nutrition introduces a new range of protein powder line

Quest Nutrition, a food company from Los Angeles, launched a new range of protein powder line. This new protein powder is an applicable ingredient for a large number of food products like from cookies to coconut shrimp. It has 21 to 23 grams of protein per serving and is a blend of whey isolate, micellar casein, and milk protein. It is gluten-free and contains 2 grams of sugar or less per serving. Its flavors include vanilla milkshake, chocolate milkshake, strawberries and cream, peanut butter, and multipurpose mix.

Conscious Foods and Nature’s Best together launches SugaVida

Two UK based food companies Conscious Foods and Nature’s Best, together launched a new sweetener SugaVida. It is an organic sweetener with a low glycemic index. This new product offers an alternative to processed sugar, high-fructose corn syrup, stevia, agave and synthetic sweeteners. SugaVida is available in 8.8-oz containers for a suggested retail price of $13.95. It’s purely an organic sweetener thereby having better health benefits for diabetes and diet-conscious people.

New flavored yogurt launched by Chobani, New York

Chobani has launched a new flavoured Greek yogurt. Chobani is a Norwich-based company starting its market expansions into the Greek Yogurt Category. It is flavored with nuts and chocolate, blended with quinoa or in child-friendly packaging. The new products are Chobani Kids and Chobani Tots Greek yogurt pouches with Disney and Marvel characters on the packaging for kids. As compared to other leading children’s yoghurt products they have 8 grams of protein and 25% less sugar. They are in flavors of strawberry, banana, chocolate, watermelon, grapes, and banana with pumpkin and mango with spinach. They are made with whole-milk Greek yogurt, fruits and vegetables, 12 mg of omega-3 DHA, and live and active cultures.

MTR’s Snack Up range with five new snacks variants

MTR Foods has launched five new snack products to their snack range MTR SnackUp. The snack products are made from fresh ingredients and oil, for enhancing the taste, making them crunchier and to ensure quality. They are expected to make a significant place into the snack category. The different varieties of snacks include salted banana chips, spicy banana chips, pepper banana chips, HuliThengols (which is made of curd) and Kodubale (a bangle-shaped snack).  They are available at grocery stores and modern trade stores across the state of Karnataka in two sizes – a 30g pack priced at Rs 10 and a 180g pack priced at Rs 50. These snacks range has a long shelf life.

Barbara introduces two new flavors of granolas

Barbara’s Bakery, Marlborough has started a new line of granola. It is in two new flavors: oats and honey and dark chocolate cranberry. Each serving of the this granola contains 28 to 30 grams of whole grains, 9 to 10 grams of protein, and 6 grams of fiber. It is full of proteins, lower in sugar and fat, and is available in very delicious flavors. It is a very good source of protein as it contains oats, almonds, and wheat and it also has other added benefits like ancient grains and seeds, whole grains, ALA omega 3s and fiber. It will be available at major retail grocery stores and natural food stores.

Krafts food relaunches its fruit punch with lesser sugar

Krafts food Northfield, ILL Company produces Caprisun fruit punch and juice drinks. In its earlier fruit punch products high-fructose corn syrup was used as artificial sweetener. The new product is reformulated with sugar and it now contains 35% less sugar from the original Caprisun brand fruit punch. It is to meet the requirements of health and high calorie conscious people. The new product will be available in grocery stores, retail stores and drug retail outlets.

Hershey’s announces launch of a new chocolate and peanut butter spread

The Hershey’s Company is launching a new product- chocolate and peanut butter spread under Reese’s brand. They are in spreadable form and based on Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup having a combination of both chocolate and peanut butter. They are available in jars of 13 oz and will price for $3.89.

Campbell launches new organic food products

Cambell Soup Company, New Jersy is expanding in the field of packaged foods, organic foods etc. It has launched its first range of ‘Campbell’s branded organic soups’ to meet the growing demand for organic foods and to expand its food products in the faster-growing premium soup segment. Campbell’s Organic will launch in six delicious varieties, including favorites like Chicken Noodle, Tomato & Basil, Chicken Tortilla and Garden Vegetable. These ready-to-serve soups will be packaged in contemporary cartons to preserve their fresh taste and goodness food. Campbell is also set to expand its ‘Plum Organics’ line of organic simple meals and snacks for infants, toddlers and children by launching 22 new products.

An organic, naturally sweetened tea launched by Herbal Health Ltd.

An organic tea under brand of Qi Relax Tea is launched by a tea company -Herbal Health Ltd, UK. It’s a zero-calorie tea product with blend of spices like cinnamon, ginger and cloves, with a hint of orange. It does not need milk or sugar to be added during preparation, as it has natural sweetness and high levels of antioxidants. This tea leaves are obtained and hand-picked from the mountains of Xitou Village in China. The company is also promoting the Fairtrade farmers cooperation in development of this product.

An Australian food manufacturing company launches 13 new food products

Ward McKenzie announces the launch of 13 new food products. This company is Australia’s one of the oldest food manufacturing company. The new product varieties include SuperBlend, Quick Cook Soups, Soup Pouches, Saffron and Himalayan Salt varieties. These food products have four categories: cook at home, heat and eat, new salts and hand-picked saffron. Each product has been blended specifically to fulfill the nutritional needs of Protein, fiber and energy.

Gormetious Foods enters into Indian food market with Gourmet Delicacy

Gormetious Foods Pvt Ltd , an innovative start-up offering various kinds of world cuisines, has entered the Indian food product market with the brand name Gourmet Delicacy. They have launched Mediterranean cuisine and are currently offering their food products to Arabic, Lebanese, Mediterranean and other Middle-Eastern restaurants and hotels serving this cuisine.  The company has also launched some retail products under the brand name Gourmet Delicacy. These include Creamy Peanut Butter, Crunchy Peanut Butter and Tahini, and could be found at various online stores across India.

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