FSSAI prohibits use of 14 ingredients under Nutraceutical Regulation

FSSAI has directed the food business operators (FBOs) involved in the manufacturing of health supplements and nutraceuticals, foods for special dietary use and for special medical purposes, governed under the Nutraceutical Regulation, to stop using 14 ingredients lacking scientific data for safe usage.

The ingredients banned to use are:

1. raspberry ketone
2. slica
3. angelica sinensis
4. paullinia cupana,
5. saw palmetto,
6. notoginsing,
7. chlorella growth factor,
8. pine bark extracted to pinus radiate,
9. pine bark extracted from pinus pinaster,
10. Vitamin D3-veg,
11. chaga extract,
12. oxalobacter formigenes,
13. phytavail iron
14. Tea tree oil

The usage of these ingredients in the food products is avoided as they seem to be unfit for human consumption.“No further manufacturing of products using these ingredients will be allowed until these ingredients are assessed and approved by the authority. Further, FBOs are directed to furnish information and data in respect of these ingredients within one month (i e until July 29, 2018) for further assessment by the authority,” the statement read.

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