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Recipient of QCI - D.L. Shah National Quality Award
Recipient of QCI - D.L. Shah National Quality Award
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Maneuver your growth through adequate food safety knowledge

FSSAI To Upgrade Manuals Of Methods Of Analysis Of Various Food Products

For the past 20 years, even after the establishment of FSSAI, the food industry is employing the DGHS (Directorate General of Health Service) manuals of test methods for analysis of various products. However, realizing the emergence of new technologies and advancements in the field, the regulator has reviewed the old DGHS methods and the manuals have been updated. New methods of analysis have been incorporated into the FSSAI manuals of methods of analysis for various food product categories. these have been approved by the Food Authority after a series of meetings of the Scientific Panel, Scientific Committee and Food Authority and public consultation.

These manuals are termed by the food authority as the ‘FSSAI manuals of methods of analysis’ and shall be used by laboratories with immediate effect. The process of updating of test methods is dynamic due to new developments taking place from time to time in the field of food testing. The authority has declared that the test methods included in the manuals are validated/standardized test methods. These include methods of taking samples, preparing the sample for testing, the reagents to be used, various testing methods, procedures, apparatus and where required the methods of calculation are given for various tests in the manuals.

In this analysis manual FSSAI has prescribed methods of sampling with the purpose of ensuring fair and valid sampling procedures to be used while testing a food for compliance with a particular commodity standard. The sampling methods are meant to avoid or remove difficulties which may be created by diverging legal, administrative and technical approaches to sampling and by diverging interpretation of results of analysis in relation to lots or consignments of foods. This may be considered an attempt on the authority’s part to providea unified system of food product sampling.