New Federal Food Safety Agency under plan for improved Food Safety in US

To provide better food safety to the country and improve efficiency for stakeholders Trump’s administration is planning a new Federal Food Safety Agency as they refers to the current U.S. food safety system as “duplicative.”
For example: while FSIS has regulatory responsibility for the safety of liquid eggs, FDA has regulatory responsibility for the safety of eggs while they are inside of their shells; FDA regulates cheese pizza, but if there is pepperoni on top, it falls under the jurisdiction of FSIS; FDA regulates closed-faced meat sandwiches, while FSIS regulates open-faced meat sandwiches.

So as to deal with this uneven division administration felt the need of consolidating FSIS and the food safety functions of the FDA into a single agency within USDA called the Federal Food Safety Agency.

The new Federal Food Safety Agency would be based on following Agenda:

• Strong enforcement and recall mechanisms.
• science-based food safety regulatory system

The Agency would be serving as the central point for coordinating with State and local bodies and food safety stakeholders.

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