Nutrition and Dietetics Programmes

Whatever we eat has a significant effect on our health and a perfect diet can prevent many health problems. In today’s fast track life people don’t even have time for proper meals and health care. They unwillingly have to reside with many bad eating habits, which directly affect their health and body.

Dietetics is the therapy of treating many health problems just by eating right.

In the field of Nutrition and Dietetics provided studies include therapeutic research that focuses precisely on the interaction among balanced nutrition and good health.

It is the knowledge of wellness that directly emphasizes public health and offers an obligation to impart training about the importance of making proper dietary choices and treating health issues with diet therapy. The edification in this field focuses on designing individual nutritional therapies to address prominent health issues such as unhealthy weight, diabetes, hypertension and much more.

Education in the field of Nutrition and Dietetics guide students about developing facility –wide nutrition programmes for health care, education and commercial health and wellness sector. Apart from these, it encompasses research to investigate how changes in diet (even salt intake) may affect health and may cause problems like; Low blood pressure and hypertension.

So, basically it is about learning the therapies to make people healthy, giving a new definition of healthy living, moving on from medicines and to understand the EAT RIGHT concept.

Post Graduate Diploma in Nutrition and Dietetics

Executive Diploma in Nutrition and Dietetics